How to extract ROI from open banking

This white paper aims to better understand the impact, benefits, and return on investment or ROI that open banking and open finance models are already bringing to the business of fintech companies around the world.

We interview a panel of nine experts from internationally renowned fintech companies and open banking pioneers, such as Plaid, Revolut, and Plum. As well as some of the most relevant players in the Latin American fintech sector, including Minu in Mexico and Mobills in Brazil. With their help, we analyze: 

  • Eight use cases including credit, PFM, and accounting–, in regions such as the UK, Europe, the US, and Latin America.
  • Challenges and solutions: that these companies found and solved thanks to open banking to improve their business models with tangible results. 
  • The global state of open banking regulation: in different markets, from Brazil to Southeast Asia.